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- Secure On-Line Mortgage Application


Click this link to begin your secure on-line mortgage application. This process, along with the seperate required credit report order, will request all of the information that will be necessary to provide a "pre-approval" and to fully process and underwrite a complete mortgage application. Please read the IMPORTANT information below.



IMPORTANT:  Once we receive your application submission, we will contact you to check for completeness and accuracy.  Following our completness and accuracy review with you, we will forward a secure credit report link to you so that you may order your credit report if it is determined that you would like to move through the "Pre-Approval" process.


The name of the credit agency we use is ADVANTAGE CREDIT once we email the link to you, you will be able to place your credit report order and pay for the credit report, which will be $33 (the payment goes directly to ADVANTAGE CREDIT and does not come to us in any way). For “joint” credit reports, please enter both applicant information on the same order…do not place two orders. Once payment is made, we will have access to your report(s) which we can then share with you. No other person will have access to your credit report other than First Source Mortgage of Texas.


Since this is the part of the process that involves money, you are certainly welcome to give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.